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Welcome to "Veggie" Panino's kitchen! You're new here, but you'll learn the ropes quickly enough. You'll be making delicious 'paninis' before you know it!

You'll probably encounter a bug when placing vegetables; the game will sometimes let you place them inside of existing vegetables, which can stop you from completing a level, even if you move them. I'll hopefully have a fix for that some time soon!

David 'Giraffe Cat' Thatcher: Design, Coding, 3D Art, Sound Design, Anxiety

James '5 of 6' Starkey: Music, Sine waves, Walkers Sensations

Thanks to Brendon Small for the Panini Box model.

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AuthorGiraffe Cat
Tags3D, idle-thumbs, important-if-true, muppet, panini, ue4, veggie-paninis, veggie-panino, wizard-jam


VeggiePaninoV1.0.zip 75 MB

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