A downloadable physics disaster for Windows

It is the 90s, and there is time for sliding down a hill in your gamer chair!

Collect cans of Ultra Boost for a speed boost, and Doritos for points. I'm sorry the collision is so bad.

v1.1: Fixed a number of issues where the game wasn't ending correctly, or starting correctly; there's still an issue where sometimes you can cross the finish line and keep going, but it's much less common than it was before. I also changed a few minor visual things, and added an old friend to the game...

Steer: Left/Right Arrows, Left stick
Camera: A/S, Right stick
Start game: Space bar, A button, Start button.
Exit game: Escape

Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorGiraffe Cat
Tags3D, chairs, dot-gobbler, dotgobbler, gamers, ue4, Unreal Engine, wizard-jam, wizardjam


Tactical Gamer Chair, Post-Jam Release v1.1a 93 MB


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Funny, and really nicely presented too - cute graphics and amusing audio. There's not much game there - but I think with some more motivation for physics madness to occur, this could definitely be a lot of fun.

Enjoyed my short time with it!

Oh, dear. This was a game. Actually quite amusing when it didn't die for me. Gameplay from 11:24 to 12:51

Yes, I saw your video! Sorry it all went a bit wonky for you; Unreal's physics can get a bit flaky at low framerates, so I'm not sure that I can do much about that, but the issue with the chair sinking into the road after a jump was something I was able to fix. So I did! I've uploaded a new version. At particularly low framerates you'll still see it sink in, but it will immediately pop out in the next frame, and you won't lose any speed anymore. There's also a new character, if you need an incentive to try it out again!

Yes, I will try playing it again with my slightly upgraded computer, which hopefully won't destroy Unreal Engine games!