A downloadable game for Windows

These Guys mean Business, and you've got the Plane, so get them to their destination in time for the big meeting!

This ended up being a lot bigger than I'd intended, and I was short on time for this jam anyway, so I overran by quite a bit. And it's by no means finished! There's a lot of stuff that didn't make it, so I'm hoping to upload a new build soon.

Made for Wizard Jam 4.


Steering: WASD/Arrows/Left Stick
Increase Speed: Shift/Right Trigger/Right Stick Up
Decrease Speed: Ctrl/Left Trigger/Right Stick Down

PROTIP: You need to accelerate (Right Trigger or Shift) quite a bit before you can take off; pulling down on the left stick (Or pressing S or the down arrow) when you have enough speed will do this. Then you just need to find the destination runway!

Published Dec 14, 2016
StatusIn development
AuthorGiraffe Cat
Tags3D, Flight, Physics, simulator, Singleplayer, wizard-jam


v1.1 - Jam Version 197 MB
v1.2 - Post-Jam Better Version 192 MB